See it all. Know it all.

See it all. Know it all.

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The Magik Eye sensor is revolutionizing how machines see the world. We’ve put together a team of leading experts in optical science and computer vision to reinvent 3D vision, making it more performant, more reliable, and much less expensive.

Robotics is taking computers off of our desktops and throwing them into the real world. That’s why Magik Eye is designed from the ground up to be the most robust and dependable depth sensing solution out there. Available sensors often have trouble with things like reflective surfaces, untextured white walls, bright sunlight, dark interior spaces, and translucent objects such as windows. Magik Eye can see all of that, and more.

Another major limitation with today’s sensors is field of view (FOV). Conventional sensors typically see an area of about 70° x 60°, but tomorrow’s robotic platforms will need to be aware of the whole world around them, not just what is directly in front of their virtual noses. With our unique, patent-pending optical configuration, we can see a full hemisphere (360° x 180°) from a single Magik Eye module. It would take as many as nine conventional sensors to cover that kind of FOV!

Reducing the number of sensors needed isn’t the only way we’re reducing cost. We started Magik Eye based on the idea that in order for robotics to become ubiquitous, there needs to be a dependable yet inexpensive depth sensing solution, so we designed every part of our sensor to be cheap. We only use standard, readily-available components – nothing exotic or expensive.


Magik Eye's innovative depth sensor technology is perfect for products where versatility, size and cost are of crucial importance. 

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Many industries, such as manufacturing, mining and exploration, increasingly depend on sophisticated robots to perform tasks beyond human capability. Magik Eye ensures these powerful robots see the world crystal clear.

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Commercial Drones have become increasingly affordable and are now being used for every day purposes, such as delivery service and recreation. Magik Eye's inexpensive and compact component is the perfect solution.

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When there's no room for error, you want to rely on an eye that's razor sharp and ultra dependable. Medical professionals trust Magik Eye when lives are on the line.


Magik Eye is a small team of Computer vision & optics experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, product-devs and AI academics connected with some of the world's most innovative Research Universities and Laboratories.


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